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Our Story

For the love of comfort

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved his blanket more than anything. He took it with him everywhere he went, and it brought him comfort every day.

As this little boy grew up, he kept his blanket with him to treasure as an adult. And he noticed how the occasional snuggle with his old comfort blankie made a massive difference to his mood. Getting cozy could transform the greyest, most mundane day into something bright and wonderful.

So he embarked upon a mission, to bring coziness to his friends, family and anyone who needed it. He set up a business around the mantra: ‘I love my blanket’, helping people recapture the comfort they felt with their childhood blankets.

What started as a crew, grew and grew…

Over time, the cozy movement gained momentum. More and more people wanted to bring a bit of coziness into their lives – not just with blankets, but with nightwear, robes and all sorts of personalised products. What started as a small crew, grew and grew into a bigger club, with members all over the world. 

The crew is us… The club is you… And cozy is the feeling we all share.

Today, we have a new mission: to bring people together to share moments of comfort and connection. We bring families together for snuggles on the sofa. We bring partners together to reconnect at the end of a long working day. And we bring our customers together into one big club that celebrates life’s good moments. 

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